Indoor Golf Lesson

If 2020 was the first time you picked up a club, then consider purchasing an indoor golf lesson while it is cold outside. Great way to improve while eliminating the stress that hitting on a driving range provides. This way, once spring comes around you will be ready to hit the course. Lessons are for 45-minutes and they are conducted by PGA Professional Andrew Kitchen. To learn more or to purchase click here

Despite the milder temperatures, the course will remain closed due to lingering snow and muddy conditions.

Take advantage of over 50% savings on these demo clubs. Please note these clubs have been hit slightly but overall are in good shape. We only have 1 club in stock of the following:

HL4 Driver: High Launch OS Ladies Flex $95

HL4 Driver: 12* OS Amatuer Flex $95

HL4 Driver 10.5 OS Regular Flex $95

HL4 Driver 10.5 Regular Flex $95

HL4 Driver 9.5 Stiff Flex $95

HL4 Fairway #3 OS Regular Flex: $65

HL4 Fairway #5 Regular Flex $65

HL4 Fairway #5 OS Amatuer Flex $65

HL4 Fairway #7 OS Regular Flex $65

HL4 Hybrid #4 Stiff Flex $65

HL4 Hybrid #4 Amatuer Flex $65

HL4 Hybrid #5 Ladies Flex $65

Please call pro shop at 937-265-5152 if interested. Willing to ship for $10