Youth Initiative

Developing golfers at a young age is instrumental to the future of golf. Several factors can get in the way of growing golfers such as ability, time, and money. This is why Locust Hills has made a concentrated effort to provide group instruction, playing opportunities, and affordable pricing to accommodate families and juniors. See below to learn more about our junior offerings step by step.

Playing Opportunities

Time and money are a huge factor in trying to get families and juniors onto the course. This is why Locust Hills is offering family golf days on Friday and Sunday after 3:00. Family golf days is designed to offer families the opportunity to walk a shortened course at a significant discount. This provides both fun, great exercise, and a learning experience. Click Here to Learn More

The best way for a junior to learn is to get them on the course. Our affordable junior rates makes it extremely easy to get someone on the course. Even if its only for a few holes, it is still a bargain.

Locust Hills junior golf memberships are an affordable way to give an aspiring golfer every chance to play. Junior memberships cost only $80 and gives anyone aged 18 and under the opportunity to play for free. Some restrictions apply

Instruction Opportunities

Our junior camps are an affordable and fun way to introduce and grow future golfers. Not only is it an opportunity to learn golf, but it is a useful tool to promote exercise and develop athletically. We offer 2 different sessions and 2 age groups to choose from.

Affordable Private Junior Lessons are available from PGA Professional Andrew Kitchen

PGA Junior League exists to offer any aspiring golfer the change to learn and play in a fun and comfortable environment. The season usually begins in early May and goes through July. The league consists of a weekly practice along with the occasional organized match.

The purpose of our summer golf league programs is to provide an opportunity for teenagers to play competitive golf in a casual environment. Some instruction will be provided to help develop golfers.