Doubles Golf League

2-Person 9-Hole Scramble League

Two Divisions (Men and Mixed)

Mondays at 5:15PM

Low Commitment 6 Week League

Starts: Mon. June 6th

Ends: July 18th

Registration Fee: $50 per team

Cost of Golf: $18 Per Player (w/cart non-members)


  • Relaxing

    The new trademarked rebranding of the two-player scramble format, Doubles Golf® allows for a less stressful and more “relaxed” approach to golf competition, where teammates can accent each other’s strengths while offsetting each other’s weaknesses.

  • Inclusive

    The Doubles Golf® format will bring more juniors, women and millennials into the game, and will keep seniors playing for years longer.

  • Recreational, yet Competitive

    Through Doubles Golf Leagues, teams will have the opportunity to compete among their peers in two divisions (Men or Mixed). To be eligible for the mixed division, you must have at least 1 junior (18 or younger) or 1 lady on the team.

  • Convenient

    9-Hole rounds encourages quicker play

  • Innovative

    The Doubles Golf Mobile Scoring System is a one-stop-shop where teams can post their scores, receive a Doubles Golf Rating, and see where they rank at their course, in their state, and nationwide. There is no limit to the number of teams a player can join.