Ambassador Program

Share the Love of Golf to Others

Any core golfer can probably attribute how they got started in golf to someone inviting them out to the course. We are now asking you to pass on that same invitation to someone else. This time we will reward you both with 50% off green fees for a 2 month period.

Valid: Mon.-Thurs. all day

and after 12:00 Fri.-Sun.

excludes group play (leagues, outings, etc.)


  • A beginner is anyone who has played fewer than 5 rounds in the last 10 years
  • Ambassador gets 50% discount only when playing with beginner
  • Beginner gets 50% discount whether or not they are with ambassador
  • A beginner can be assigned to only 1 ambassador
  • LHGC reserves right to cancel promotion anytime
  • 50% discount not valid on special rates (twilight, college, etc)
  • Discount only on green fees, not cart fees

Application Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Valid for 2 consecutive months
  • To Mail Discount Cards

A discount card will be mailed out to both the Ambassador and Beginner