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Banquet Information

Locust Hills is proud to offer you a great banquet facility with large crown molding, wood tables, chandeliers, and more.  Our facilities bring a high class atmosphere and at a reasonable rate.

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We have leagues with as few as twelve people, and leagues with 40 people in them. Enjoy a regular play schedule and improve your game! We have a couples league, seniors league, women’s league, and best ball, to mention a few. We would love to add your league to our course too.

Just give us a call at 927-265-5152 and we will tee off in late April or early May.

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Annual Club Events

These events are run by Locust Hills and have become extremely popular over the years. Please take a look and and see if any of these events interest you.

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Ladies Events

Locust Hills offer several fun ladies events.

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